The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Distributor Resources

Introduction Presentation

We have created a presentation to complement our Conveyor Selection Guide (PDF, 3 MB). It is ideal for introducing a new customer to QC Conveyors’ entire line of conveyors.

Please save the presentation to your computer by right clicking, choosing “Save As…”, and selecting a location on your hard drive.

QC Conveyors Introduction Presentation (PPT, 497 MB, Includes Video)

QC Conveyors Introduction Presentation (PPT, 31 MB, No Video)

TIP: You can access a menu that will allow you to jump to a particular section of the presentation by clicking the QC Conveyors logo on any slide.

Belt Options Leave Behind

The Available Belts & Specifications pdf that is linked below, we attempt to keep this sheet as up to date as possible. Print out as many as you may need so that you have a quick reference for your belt sample ring, as well as extra literature to leave behind with customers if they need it.

Available Belts & Specifications Leave Behind (650 KB)


Our conveyor worksheet as a fillable PDF designed to help you gather all of the necessary information for determining the best conveyor, size and accessories for each application.

Our series-specific worksheets are still available.

Email Flyer

We offer a two-page version of our Conveyor Selection Guide that’s sized for attaching to emails. Download it here.

Demo Conveyors

AS40 Series Demo Conveyor with V-guide White Urethane Belt

Includes: Demo Conveyor (4″ width and 24″ length), Carrying Case, Standard Belt Sample Ring, and Automation Series Counter Mat

Part # AE41H04-024-LSF-MVE-DEMO

125 Series Demo Conveyor with Standard Urethane Belt

Includes: Demo Conveyor (4” width and 24” length), Carrying Case, and Standard Belt Sample Ring

Part # 1ESBH04-024-ASQ-MAA-DEMO

HydroClean Demo Conveyor with V-guide Blue Urethane Belt

Includes: Demo Conveyor (4” width and 24” length), Carrying Case, HydroClean Belt Sample Ring, and HydroClean Counter Mat

Part # HEA1H04-024-AS1-PVD-DEMO