Flextrac Series: Modular Conveyor Systems

QC Conveyors’ Flextrac™ Series Conveyor Systems demonstrate flexibility with sturdy, modular conveyors capable of inclines, declines, straight sections and curves. These flexible conveyor systems can be configured to meet the needs of almost any application, including gripper elevators and alpine conveyors. Thanks to their modular design, our Flextrac Series can be reconfigured as your plant changes and grows.

Our range of flexible, modular conveyor systems feature numerous chain styles, including tabletop, mat-top, and more. This enables you to choose the setup that’s best for your width requirements and the types of products to be handled. Some chains are better suited for delicate products and others provide the necessary friction and performance specs for heavy-duty applications. We can also design your Flextrac Series system with cleats and friction pads to better handle elevation changes and provide steadier product flow. From food packaging to pharmaceutical products to automotive, our modular conveyor systems are extremely customizable and intentionally crafted to save floor space, limit bottlenecks, and streamline your operations.

track system

Advantages of our Flextrac Series conveyors:

  • Customizable to fit the unique layout of any factory environment
  • Modularity to allow for an infinite number of component additions or changes to your system
  • Built to accommodate sharp turns, elevations, and variable changes throughout your facility

Flextrac Series Products

We are proud to be the exclusive North American distributor of Modu System products, a worldwide leader in modular conveyor assemblies. Reach out to us below and let us design your Flextrac Series Conveyor System today!

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