Pharmacy & Medical Industry

Pharmaceutical and medical applications have specific requirements for clean rooms and automation integration. Automation and HydroClean Series conveyors are designed to suit these needs. QC Conveyors manufactures a variety of pharmaceutical and medical conveyors including the HydroClean Series conveyors that are NSF certified, stainless steel constructed, washdown conveyors designed around the necessity for daily cleaning and sanitization. Automation Series conveyors are designed to integrate seamlessly with robotic applications in addition to offering versatility in changing applications.

Pharmacy & Medical Industry Conveyors

as40 stylized

AS40 Conveyors were developed for automated integration. They feature a Tension Release Tail which allows for quick belt changes and cleaning. The Pivot Drive is unique to the AS40 conveyors, and allows the drive to be rotated to any position to clear product and obstruction. Sealed edge belts make these conveyors ideal for cleanroom applications for the pharmacy and medical industries.

as40 cd stylied

AS40-CD Conveyors fit into any pharmacy and medical industry application that the AS40 is suited for, but requires both ends to be clear. The Center Drive can be shifted to any point on the conveyor frame and return idlers are easily removed for rapid belt changes without removing the drive. The flip up tail allows for easy cleaning under the belt and expedient belt changes.

as40 z

AS40-Z Conveyors are ideal for lowering and elevating products in an automated environment. They also feature a Tension Release Tail for easy cleaning.


HC200 Conveyors feature an all stainless steel design and totally encapsulated, antimicrobial belt options which are unique to the HydroClean Series and are NSF Certified. The innovative pull-pin design facilitates tool-less disassembly for “in place cleaning” and belt changes.

Point-to-point systems are a reliable way to handle pill bottles in both pharmaceutical manufacturing applications and fulfillment applications. Conveyor widths are available with aluminum and stainless steel frames.