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From basic to complex assembly, QC Conveyors manufactures and configures assembly line conveyors specifically for your application. Our line of assembly conveyors include automated assembly line conveyors, belt conveyors, incline parts conveyors, cleated conveyors and more. When specifying conveyors for Assembly industry applications there are many possible needs that you may run into. Automation Series Conveyors are ideal in most assembly industry applications, but a handful of applications may specifically require some of our Industrial Series Conveyors. We offer a variety of flat belts including high friction, accumulation, and color contrasting for your assembly line conveyors.

Assembly Industry Conveyors

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AS40 Conveyors are ideal general purpose conveyors for an assembly setting. They offer low profile rigid aluminum frames with options like V-guides to help maintain belt tracking, Nosebar tails for tight transfers, and Pivot Rotatable Drives to adjust the location of the drive to almost any angle.

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AS40-CD Conveyors are center drive aluminum frame conveyors with a Movable Center Drive that can be moved to any point under the frame. Moving the drive to the underside of the frame frees the ends of the conveyor to integrate seamlessly with machinery on either end of the conveyor. This conveyor comes standard with a Tension Release Tail, and has the options of Nosebar tails and V-guides.

as40 z

AS40-Z Conveyors come in three configurations to elevate and lower product around obstacles, to other areas of the line, into hoppers, or from machinery which dispenses low to the floor. Z-tracking and V-guides ensure control over belt tracking and come standard with a Tension Release Tail.

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IS125 Conveyors can be used in applications with heavier loads. Flextrac, or plastic chain conveyors are also available, allowing for even heavier loads, up to 500lbs, while offering a wide variety of belts, and higher speeds.


IS175-ID Conveyors are designed as safe, quite and low voltage options for applications with direct worker contact. The embedded drive allows it to take up less space as well as work seamlessly in environments which are primarily 24 vdc.


IS300 Conveyors are excellent for specific needs such as vision system integration, rapid precise indexing, and repeatability. The non-slip timing pulley allows for high speeds and heavy loads. This conveyor supports custom molded cleats which are removable and replaceable.

Point-to-point systems deliver parts exactly where you need them and fit they layout of nearly any plant. Their modular design makes them reconfigurable as product and layouts change.