Automation Industry

Automation systems require flexibility, precision, and speed. Automation Series conveyors were designed to meet the needs of these types of systems. They are versatile, lightweight and designed with you in mind. The Industrial Series and HydroClean Series conveyors are suited to meet the more specific needs of the automation industries.

Case Studies

Saving Space and Time with a Mix of Standard and Custom Conveyors at CooperSurgical

Sometimes it takes a mix of standard conveyors and custom engineered solutions to move product exactly where it needs to be. A recent article in Design World magazine highlights one application we worked on recently that helped CooperSurgical maximize floor space by using a series of overhead conveyors to move product across their automation facility.

The application uses several of our standard products (all Automation Series conveyors), plus a unique application of our IS300 and IS175-ID conveyors that elevates the product from floor level to the overhead line of conveyors. In addition to moving the product, the overhead conveyors serve as storage space, saving CooperSurgical hours each day of moving product in and out of storage

Automation Industry Conveyors

as40 stylized

AS40 Conveyors are developed for high speed. The Flip Up Tail allows for easy cleaning while maintaining tracking. The Pivot Drive allows for adjustments in placement of the drive to meet the changing needs of the conveyor’s applications. Tee slots run along the length of the conveyor and can be used to mount accessories. High contrast belting is available for vision based applications. With a profile of 1.95” these conveyors fit easily in space constrained machinery.

as40 cd stylied

AS40-CD Conveyors meet the needs of applications where there is not much space to either side of the conveyor and both ends must be clear. The Center Drive sits under the conveyor and is movable by loosening and tightening a few screws. Belt changes can be made without the removal of the drive. AS40-CD conveyors are capable of lengths up to 26’ and feature tee slots on the frame, Flip Up or Nosebar tails, and have high contrast belt options.

as40 z

AS40-Z Conveyors are integral in moving parts through automated systems that have numerous obstructions. They are available in three configurations, Z, L, and R with angles of 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or 60 degrees. They are equipped with our Flip Up Tail for easy cleaning, Z-track design for belt tracking control, and V-guide belting for maintaining tracking.


HC200 Conveyors feature stainless steel construction with optional sealed edge belts. It is easily cleaned and sanitized due to its unique pull-pin design which allows the conveyor to be disassembled and cleaned without moving the conveyor.

is125 stylized

IS125 Conveyors can be used in applications with heavier loads. Flextrac, or plastic chain conveyors are also available, allowing for even heavier loads, up to 500lbs, while offering a wide variety of belts, and higher speeds.


IS300 Conveyors, or indexing conveyors, are ideal for applications where precision has the highest emphasis. Timing belt construction and optional custom cleats allow this conveyor to fully integrate with your exact needs with accuracy up to +/-0.015”. The custom cleats are removable, to meet changing requirements.

Point-to-point systems can be used in a wide variety of automation applications including inspection and moving product through robotic processes.

Alpine systems can be used to provide a product buffer in case of jams and breakdowns upstream. They can also be used to remove product from the line for curing or drying.