Marking & Coding Industry

In many cases, marking and coding applications require a conveyor to move product past the printer, laser, etc. Our Automation Series Conveyors were designed with these applications in mind including the marking and coding industry. They are versatile and lightweight, with gearmotor packages that can be easily integrated with PLCs and robot control systems. Our HydroClean Series Conveyors are ideal for marking and coding in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Marking & Coding Industry Conveyors

as40 stylized

AS40 Conveyors were developed for flexibility. The Pivot Drive allows you to adjust the drive placement to meet the needs of changing conveyor applications. Tee slots run along the length of the conveyor and can be used to mount accessories, like sensors and printers. They can accommodate speeds up to 400 fpm to keep up with the fastest production lines. Their Tension Release Tails flip up at the push of a button to allow spills to be cleaned from underneath the belt.

as40 cd stylied

AS40-CD Conveyors are ideal for applications where both ends of the conveyor must fit into or interact with another machine. The Center Drive sits under the conveyor and is movable by loosening and tightening a few screws. AS40-CD conveyors are available in lengths up to 26’ and feature tee slots on the frame. Nosebar tails are available at both ends of the conveyor for applications that require the transfer of small parts.


HC200 Conveyors feature stainless steel construction with optional sealed edge belts. They are easily cleaned and sanitized due to their unique pull-pin design which allows the conveyor to be disassembled and cleaned without moving the conveyor, making them ideal for marking and coding operations involving food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Point-to-point system curves deliver consistent product orientation and easily integrate into marking and coding applications.

Gripper elevator systems can be used in horizontal configurations to hold product top and bottom during side-marking operations.