Material Handling Industry

Material handling requires quick solutions, tight transfers, low maintenance, and a variety of conveying types. Our Automation Series, material handling industry conveyors are capable of maintaining tracking, fast belt changes, flexibility in changing applications and are highly resistant to lateral and longitudinal deflections. Our Industrial Series conveyors are built on single piece steel frames capable of fitting into confined spaces and conveying heavier loads. Contact us today to speak to a conveyor specialist to configure your material and part handling conveyor system!

Material Handling Industry Conveyors

as40 stylized

AS40 Conveyors are low profile, single piece aluminum frame conveyors capable of speeds up to 400 FPM. The optional Nosebar Tail allows for tight product transfers. V-guide options help maintain belt tracking even through reversing and side loading needs. For material handling applications that require a lot of flexibility we offer the Pivot Rotatable Drive which rotates to any position above or below the conveyor.

as40 cd stylied

AS40-CD Conveyors also feature Nosebar Tail and V-guide options. The Center Drive feature makes them better suited for longer lengths (up to 26’) and machine integration on both ends of the conveyor. The Center Drive may also be moved to any position on the length of the conveyor by simply loosening a few screws, sliding the drive, and re-tightening the screws.

as40 z

AS40-Z Conveyors are available in R, L, and Z configurations to meet application needs. These conveyors are ideal for lowering and elevating products. V-guide belts ensure proper tracking through regular use, and our Z-track design gives you greater control over belt tracking.

is125 stylized

IS125 Conveyors can be used in applications with heavier loads. IS125-FT conveyors featuring Flextrac plastic chain belting are also available, allowing for even heavier loads, up to 500lbs, while offering a wide variety of belts, and higher speeds.

Wide point-to-point systems can easily move cases around your plant and can be configured with a friction chain to raise and lower product within the line.