Style and Identity Guidelines

Welcome to the QC Conveyors Style Guide. This guide provides a framework for the consistent application of the QC Conveyors identity.

As QC Conveyors continues its expansion into new markets and products, the brand will be exposed to many new people. For this reason, it is important that the company’s visual identity remain constant.

We appreciate your commitment to these standards. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the QC Conveyors Marketing Department at: (513) 753-6000

Using the QC Conveyors Logo

General Use

  • The QC Conveyors logo should appear as shown below.
  • The logo should never be re-drawn, re-spaced, or altered in any way. It should never be used as part of any other symbol or logotype.
  • When reproducing the QC Conveyors logo, use only electronic artwork provided by QC Conveyors.
  • The logo should always appear in its pure form and stand on its own with clear space surrounding it on all sides.
  • Dimensional or animated versions of the logo can be used only if they have been approved by QC Conveyors.

Clear Space

To maintain its visual integrity, the QC Conveyors logo must never appear to be crowded by other elements. Therefore, the use of clear space is essential. Clear space equal to the x-height of the letters in “QC Conveyors” should be maintained on all four sides of the logo.

Diagram of using x-height to determine spacing around the logo

Logo Size and Backgrounds

Size Requirements

The QC Conveyors logo should never appear smaller than ¾” wide, as the lettering becomes unreadable.


When the QC Conveyors logo appears on a dark background, the words “QC Conveyors — A Duravant Company” should be printed in white.

A) Color logo on a light background
B) Color logo on a dark background
C) Grayscale logo on a light background
D) Grayscale logo on a dark background

Visual samples of correctly applying logo with dark text on light backgrounds and logos with light text on dark backgrounds.

Monochrome and Vector Logos

Grayscale Logo

Often, 4-color printing is not an option. For this reason, a grayscale version of the logo is available.

The same general guidelines apply to the grayscale logo as they do for the 4-color version.

QC Conveyors greyscale logo with black text

Solid Color Logo

Certain applications, such as engraving, screen printing, or vinyl signs require the use of a single color logo.

On dark backgrounds, the logo should be printed in white. On light backgrounds it should be printed in black.

QC Conveyors solid black logo

Vector Logos

The preferred method of reproducing the QC Conveyors logo is using vector files (EPS). These can be adjusted to any size without a loss in quality.

Social Media Icon

A special version of our logo has been created just for use as a social media icon, website favicon, etc. This is the only instance in which the logo may be used in a cropped form and without the “QC Conveyors — A Duravant Company” text. Note that the box encloses the Q and most of the C, as opposed to the normal box where the C breaks out on the right side.

cropped qc industries

Improper Logo Use

Skewed or Stretched Logo

The logo should never be skewed or stretch in any way.

Examples of how not to stretch or skew the logo when used

Cropped or Edited Logo

  • Do not crop the logo or hide any portion of it behind another object.
  • Do not use just a portion of the logo (except as specified in our social media icon) or modify it in any way.
  •  The logo should not appear without the words “QC Conveyors — A Duravant Company”
Examples of how not to display the logo

Under Size Logo

Never use the logo with lettering at a size smaller than the minimum width of ¾”.

qc conveyors color logo

Use the Right Logo for Your Background

Do not use the logo with black text on a dark background and do not use the logo with white text on a light background.

Examples: do not use black text logos on dark backgrounds, and do not use white text logos on light color backgrounds

A Note About File Formats:

The files referenced in this guide are available in a number of different formats. Please refer to the list below to help determine which you should use.

TIF — Used in high resolution printing
JPG (High Res) — Compressed file for high resolution printing
JPG (Low Res) — Photos on web pages
PNG (High Res) — Printing, can include transparency
PNG (Low Res) — Web pages, can include transparency
EPS — Printing; vector; re-size to any size

Microsoft Word Tip
Our logo typically works best in the PNG format, as it preserves its shadowing and transparency on any color background.

Fonts and Typography

Typography is an important component in QC Conveyors’ identity system, and the consistent use of typography is essential to create a recognizable look for QC Conveyors through all forms of communication.

ITC Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed is the primary typeface used in headlines of all QC Conveyors marketing materials. It was chosen for its simplicity, readability, and timeless qualities. ITC Franklin Gothic Book Condensed is used for more extensive body copy and as an accent typeface. While these are the preferred weights, it is acceptable to use any typeface from the ITC Franklin Gothic family.

Samples of ITC Franklin Gothic

Name Usage

Corporate Name
When referring to the company, please use the following guidelines to enhance the brand identity and eliminate customer confusion:

  • The company should be referred to as “QC Conveyors”
  • Referring to the company as “QC” should be avoided at all times, including use in headlines


Product Naming Convention
QC Conveyors current product lines are to be referred to as follows:

  • AS40 Conveyors
  • AS40-CD Conveyors
  • AS40-Z Conveyors
  • HC200 Conveyors
  • HydroClean Series Conveyors (note the use of camel case and no space between the “o” and “C”)
  • IS125 Conveyors
  • IS300 Conveyors
  • IS400 Conveyors
  • IS175-ID Conveyors
  • Flextrac Series Conveyors (note the use of sentence case)
  • The word “Series” (as in “Automation Series“) should always be capitalized.


The following QC Conveyors trademarks should be referred to as shown upon first reference; subsequent references may drop the “®”:

  • Flextrac Series®
  • QC Conveyors®