Printing Industry

Printers use conveyors in a wide variety of ways, from moving material through or between bindery processes to scrap removal. In most cases, our Automation Series Conveyors fit the bill. They are highly customizable and easy to adjust to fit changing applications. Contact us today to speak to a conveyor specialist to configure your printing conveyor system!

Printing Industry Conveyors

as40 stylized

AS40 Conveyors are low profile, single piece aluminum frame conveyors capable of speeds up to 400 FPM. They’re perfect for moving printed pieces through the bindery or through equipment like high speed inkjet printers. For printing industry applications that require flexibility, we offer the Pivot Rotatable Drive which rotates to any position above or below the conveyor.

as40 cd stylied

Similar in many ways to our AS40 Conveyors, AS40-CD Conveyors feature a drive that sits below the belt and can be positioned at any point along the conveyor frame. These conveyors are ideal when integrating between two pieces of bindery equipment since there are no motors protruding from the ends of the conveyor.

as40 z

AS40-Z Conveyors are designed for elevating or lowering material, making them ideal for scrap removal, especially for cutting processes within the bindery. They are available in three configurations: Z, L, and R.