Automotive Industry

Automotive conveyors have a wide range of potential uses including moving parts, processing, indexing, welding, vision integration, and moving heavy parts to designated locations. Our Industrial Series conveyors are ideal for the automotive industry, specifically designed to meet the needs of various heavy duty industries, including automotive. Belt choices for our automotive assembly line conveyors include Cut Resistant, High Friction, and Static Conductive.

Automotive Industry Conveyors

as40 stylized

AS40 Conveyors are recommended for lighter-weight parts handling and higher speeds.

is125 stylized

IS125 Conveyors are our general purpose industrial conveyors, they feature a durable steel frame, speeds up to 225 FPM, carrying capacity up to 450lbs, and a low profile to fit easily where conventional conveyors may not be able. IS125-FT, or plastic chain conveyors are also available, allowing for even heavier loads, up to 500lbs, while offering a wide variety of belts, and higher speeds.


IS300 Conveyors are best suited for specific applications such as high speeds, parts processing, precision indexing, vision integration, or automotive industry applications which may require a custom molded cleat.

IS400 Conveyors can be built up to 48” wide with a carrying capacity up to 600lbs. They are also available with an optional v-guide which maintains belt tracking in side loading and reversing applications.

Point-to-point systems are available with options to suit large or small parts and curved frames to fit into nearly any layout.