AS40 Conveyor in Robotic Palletizing Application

AS40 conveyors with robotics integration

Robotiq recently highlighted this case study, where their robotic palletizing solution helped Chicago’s Napco Brands realize a 15% increase in throughput using Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robots. With the rise in robotic palletizing, we’ve seen an increase in demand for our AS40 Conveyors in these types of applications. Our URcap makes them very easy to […]

What Sets QC Conveyors Apart?

Video — What sets QC Conveyors apart?

Think all belt conveyors are built the same? In this video, our Senior Marketing Manager, Chris Thompson, introduces four key factors that set QC Conveyors apart from the competition. These conveyors were built for ease of use and long-term reliability, with unique features like: QC Conveyors is the only conveyor manufacturer to offer all four […]

QC Conveyors Exhibits at Automate 2022

CB40 and AS40 Conveyors carousel demo

Today marks the final day of Automate 2022 and what a show it was! Supply chain challenges and an ever-changing labor market have opened new doors for industrial automation companies. It was wonderful to see how many companies have stepped up to answer those new challenges. Director of Channel Management Stacey Stowell and Marketing Manager […]

Meet Our 7 Quick Ship Belt Materials

In order to ship conveyors in five days under our Quick Ship program, we stock seven different materials that can be quickly made to length to match the conveyor ordered. Since they cover a wide variety of potential applications and ensure a quick delivery, these seven materials represent approximately 95% of conveyor orders. The seven […]

Sarah Ziegler Named Recipient of PMMI On the Rise Award

Each year, PMMI’s Emerging Leaders Network sponsors the On the Rise Awards which honor young professionals in our industry who exhibit outstanding leadership capabilities. Sarah Ziegler from our Key Accounts team has been chosen as one of the recipients for 2020 out of a pool of nearly 100 nominations. Jerry Ruschau nominated Sarah thanks to […]

How Conveyor Belts are Manufactured Quickly In-House

conveyor belt

The key to meeting the five-day lead times of our Quick Shipping program is our in-house belt manufacturing team. Each year they manufacture thousands of belts with such incredible precision that no one remembers the last time one of their belts was rejected for a defect. The belt materials are stocked in rolls that are […]

Adjusting the Width of Gripper Elevators

It’s rare for a conveyor system to move just one size product anymore. More often than not, multiple package or product sizes run on the same lines, making quick changeovers important. While adjustable guides allow conveyors to quickly accommodate different product sizes, gripper elevators present a unique challenge. These conveyor systems “grip” the product between […]

How to configure an HC200 Conveyor using the Conveyor Configurator

QC Conveyors’ online Conveyor Configurator is designed as an easy-to-use tool to help customers find exactly the right conveyor for the application, get a quote and download CAD models. While configuration is intuitive, this guide serves as an introduction to configuring HC200 Conveyors for new users and introduces some tips and tricks that may not […]

How do adjustable guides work around curves?

Adjustable guides make changeovers from one product size to another quick and painless. For straight conveyors, it’s easy to see how the guides move in and out. But for a curved conveyor — like our Flextrac Series modular plastic chain conveyors — it’s not quite as obvious. Changing the radius of a curve obviously changes the […]