Adjusting the Width of Gripper Elevators

It’s rare for a conveyor system to move just one size product anymore. More often than not, multiple package or product sizes run on the same lines, making quick changeovers important.

While adjustable guides allow conveyors to quickly accommodate different product sizes, gripper elevators present a unique challenge. These conveyor systems “grip” the product between two conveyors on their sides in order to move it to a different level or invert it temporarily during production.

To accommodate varying package sizes, the gap between conveyors must be narrowed or widened. A fixed mount would make this difficult or even impossible. That’s why a unique geared adjustment system is available for mounting these conveyors, allowing the gap between them to be adjusted with little effort for quick changeovers.

The geared adjustment units are positioned at multiple points along the length of the conveyor and connected via a series of shafts and gear boxes, including right angle gearboxes that help connect even the most complicated types of gripper elevators. A single adjustment wheel adjusts the width of the entire system.

The shaft can be equipped with a rotation counter, making it easy to dial in exactly the right width for the various products transported by the system.