How do adjustable guides work around curves?

Adjustable guides make changeovers from one product size to another quick and painless. For straight conveyors, it’s easy to see how the guides move in and out. But for a curved conveyor — like our Flextrac Series modular plastic chain conveyors — it’s not quite as obvious. Changing the radius of a curve obviously changes the curve’s outer circumference, which would require changing the amount of guide material used.

Thankfully there’s a simple-but-ingenious way to allow such adjustments: overlapping two separate pieces of guide rail in the curve. The overlap provides the extra material needed for widening the guides and takes up any extra when the width is reduced, but still contains the product on the conveyor.

Adjustable guides on a 180° wheel bend.

Adjustable guides on a 90° wheel bend.

Flextrac Series guides are available in a wide variety of styles and configurations to fit any application. Our Applications Engineering team can help design exactly the right guides for your conveyor.