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Distributor Resources


We have created a presentation to complement our Conveyor Selection Guide (PDF, 3 MB). It is ideal for introducing a new customer to QC Conveyors' Automation Series, HydroClean Series and Industrial Series conveyors.

Please save the presentation to your computer by right clicking, choosing "Save As…", and selecting a location on your hard drive.

QC Conveyors Introduction Presentation (PPT, 497 MB, Includes Video)

QC Conveyors Introduction Presentation (PPT, 31 MB, No Video)

TIP: You can access a menu that will allow you to jump to a particular section of the presentation by clicking the QC Conveyors logo on any slide.

There's a separate presentation for Flextrac Series Conveyors:

Flextrac Series Introduction Presentation (PPT, 80 MB)

Introduction Presentation

Industry Pages


We've created industry-specific guides to cover the unique solutions we offer. You're free to add your logo to these pages and redistribute them to your customers.

Sell Sheets

Sell sheets are now available for each of our products. You're free to add your logo and redistribute to your customers.


Our Conveyor Worksheet is a fillable PDF designed to help you gather all of the necessary information for determining the best conveyor, size and accessories for each application.

Our Series-Specific Worksheets are still available.

Belt Options Leave Behind

The Available Belts & Specifications pdf that is linked below, we attempt to keep this sheet as up to date as possible. Print out as many as you may need so that you have a quick reference for your belt sample ring, as well as extra literature to leave behind with customers if they need it.

Available Belts & Specifications Leave Behind (650 KB)


Visit our literature request page to order free literature to replenish your supply.

Demo Conveyors

Demo Conveyors

AS40 Series Demo Conveyor with V-guide White Urethane Belt
Part # AE41H04-024-LSF-MVE-DEMO
Includes: Demo Conveyor (4" width and 24" length), Carrying Case, Standard Belt Sample Ring, and Automation Series Counter Mat

Flextrac Series Demo Conveyor
Includes: Demo Conveyor (3.3" width and 24" length) with various chain types, Carrying Case, and Flextrac Series Counter Mat

IS125 Demo Conveyor with Standard Urethane Belt
Part # 1ESBH04-024-ASQ-MAA-DEMO
Includes: Demo Conveyor (4” width and 24” length), Carrying Case, and Standard Belt Sample Ring

HC200 Demo Conveyor with V-guide Blue Urethane Belt
Part # HEA1H04-024-AS1-PVD-DEMO
Includes: Demo Conveyor (4” width and 24” length), Carrying Case, HydroClean Belt Sample Ring, and HydroClean Counter Mat