Lube-for-Life Bearings Now Standard

Jan 02, 2007

Our new Lube-for-Life Bearings are now standard equipment for all our conveyors. These bearings are a direct replacement for our previous bearings.
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Celebrating 25 Years

Sep 27, 2006

We celebrated QC Conveyors’ 25 year anniversary with our valued distribution and representative network in Chicago during the Assembly Technology Expo on Monday.
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V-Guide Conveyor Uses and Limitations

Jul 28, 2006

The decision to use a v-guide on a belt is a decision that needs to be understood so a good choice can be made. V-Guides in general will not solve all problems that are associated with belt mistrack. In general it is best to use a non v-guided belt in most applications when one considers cost, durability, and performance.
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New Stand Choice: Outrigger

Jul 27, 2006

We are now offering a new stand choice for our IS125 conveyors. The outrigger stand offers enhanced stability, especially for narrow conveyors.
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Technical Service Tips: Maintaining Your Conveyor

Jul 12, 2006

Managing conveyor life is both a comprehensive and important consideration from the day a system is conceived until the day it is retired from service. From a business perspective, maintenance is an essential activity for the achievement of optimal return on investment, as well as a key to remaining competitive in a hyper-competitive world.
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