HydroClean Conveyors help keep SQF-Certified ice facility clean and efficient

Jul 11, 2017

Queen City Ice, a company dedicated to making and packaging ice for retail and events, was one of the first to order a HydroClean Series HC200 Sanitary Conveyor when they launched in 2015. They had such success with the first conveyor that they've since purchased additional product to speed their bagging process.
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Saving space and time with a mix of standard and custom conveyors at CooperSurgical

Feb 02, 2017

Sometimes it takes a mix of standard conveyors and custom engineered solutions to move product exactly where it needs to be. A recent article in Design World magazine highlights one application we worked on recently that helped CooperSurgical maximize floor space by using a series of overhead conveyors to move product across their facility.
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HydroClean Series HC200 Conveyors now NSF Certified

Jan 19, 2017

Our HydroClean Series HC200 Conveyors recently received certification from NSF International, making them the first low profile belt conveyors with such a distinction.
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Request our new Conveyor Selection Guide

Jan 13, 2017

We've just launched a new edition of our Conveyor Selection Guide. It hits the highlights of all our product lines to make it easy for you to choose the perfect conveyor for your application.
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Reduced Lead Times on Conveyors with V-Guide and Cleated Belts

Sep 21, 2016

We're excited to announce that conveyors using our V-Guide and Cleated Belts now have significantly reduced lead times!
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Our new cleats are stronger with a rounded top edge

Dec 08, 2015

Starting today, we've upgraded the design of our cleated belts. The new cleats have thicker walls that are stronger and less likely to bend under the weight of product.
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HydroClean Conveyors now BISSC Certified

Apr 14, 2015

Our HydroClean Sanitary Conveyors are now BISSC Certified! This means they meet the sanitation standards of the baking industry. It also shows our commitment to making HydroClean conveyors easy to clean and free of areas where bacteria could accumulate.
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HydroClean Sanitary Conveyors can now be configured online

Apr 08, 2015

HydroClean Series HC200 Sanitary Conveyors are now available to be configured and quoted in our easy-to-use online Conveyor Configurator.
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HydroClean Series Sanitary Conveyors now available

Feb 24, 2015

We're excited to introduce you to our new sanitary HydroClean conveyors and their easy-to-clean design. The belt, tail, and drive can be removed for cleaning without tools — even when the conveyor is installed on stands and utilizes sides or guides.
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New Installation & Maintenance Manuals available for IS125 and AS40 Conveyors

Sep 05, 2014

We’ve recently launched new Installation & Maintenance manuals for our IS125 Series and AS40 Conveyors. These manuals have been re-designed from the ground up to make them easier to read and understand.
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