HydroClean Conveyors now BISSC Certified

Apr 14, 2015

Our HydroClean Sanitary Conveyors are now BISSC Certified! This means they meet the sanitation standards of the baking industry. It also shows our commitment to making HydroClean conveyors easy to clean and free of areas where bacteria could accumulate.
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HydroClean Sanitary Conveyors can now be configured online

Apr 08, 2015

HydroClean Series HC200 Sanitary Conveyors are now available to be configured and quoted in our easy-to-use online Conveyor Configurator.
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HydroClean Series Sanitary Conveyors now available

Feb 24, 2015

We're excited to introduce you to our new sanitary HydroClean conveyors and their easy-to-clean design. The belt, tail, and drive can be removed for cleaning without tools — even when the conveyor is installed on stands and utilizes sides or guides.
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New Installation & Maintenance Manuals available for IS125 and AS40 Conveyors

Sep 05, 2014

We’ve recently launched new Installation & Maintenance manuals for our IS125 Series and AS40 Conveyors. These manuals have been re-designed from the ground up to make them easier to read and understand.
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New, easier-to-use serial number labels appearing soon

Apr 22, 2014

Starting today, we’re applying new serial number labels to all our conveyors. Each label features a customized QR code for each conveyor that — when scanned with a mobile phone or tablet — takes you directly to the appropriate installation manuals and videos for that product.
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Video: FANUC M-2iA Robot stacking stamped parts on QC Conveyors

Nov 14, 2013

Our friends at FANUC have recently posted a new video highlighting the capabilities of their M-2iA Robots, including a demonstration of the robot stacking stamped parts on our AS40 conveyors.
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Double your warranty to 10 years for free

Nov 13, 2013

Big news: you can now double the warranty on any of our conveyors to 10 years simply by registering it online.
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Announcing 5 Day Lead Times on standard conveyors

Aug 23, 2013

Our most popular conveyors are now available with just a Five Day Lead Time! This includes our AS40 and AS40-CD aluminum-frame conveyors and our IS125 steel-frame conveyors.
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New standard-duty variable-speed electric gearmotor option now available

May 30, 2013

We're excited to announce a new standard-duty variable-speed electric gearmotor that's now available for our conveyors, updating and replacing our popular 05V- gearmotors.
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We splice our own conveyor belts in house

Mar 06, 2013

We splice our own conveyor belts in house in an effort to reduce lead times for our most common belt materials.
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