Drive Mounting Package

A drive mounting package is the connection between the drive pulley and the gearmotor. They typically allow the gearmotor to be mounted either to the side of the conveyor or below or above the conveyor.

Crowned Pulley

A crowned pulley is larger in the center than at the ends in order to help maintain belt tracking. A conveyor belt will always run toward the longest part of the conveyor, so by making the pulley slightly larger in the center, it ensures that the belt will tend to run in the center of the conveyor.

Crowned pulleys are more cost-effective than v-guides and are preferred by most conveyor manufacturers for the majority of applications.


The conveyor belt is a continuous moving band that moves the product. It is supported by the frame and rotated by the drive pulley.

Belts can be made of many materials, including urethane, PVC and silicone. They also come in many types, such as high friction, translucent, cleated and plastic chain.


Accumulation occurs when product is stopped on the conveyor, but the belt continues to run. Often this occurs when spacing product on the conveyor or waiting for a downstream process to complete before allowing the next batch of product to move forward.

A belt with a low topside coefficient of friction is necessary to allow the belt to slide freely below the product.