Metal Working Industry

QC Conveyors manufactures industrial, steel metalworking conveyors, also used in metal stamping applications. Metalworking industries are one of the more rigorous conveying applications. Our Industrial Series conveyors are designed and equipped to work with metal stamping, machining, and CNC machine integration. HydroClean Series conveyors have a stainless steel frame which is designed for regular cleaning, and is more chemical resistant.

Metal Working Industry Conveyors


HC200 Conveyors are stainless steel constructed washdown conveyors which can be used in especially caustic environments and can withstand more aggressive chemicals and fluids. They are suitable for metalworking industry applications with maximum load capacity of 120 lbs and reach speeds up to 300 FPM.

is125 stylized

IS125 Conveyors were originally structured to withstand the conditions of a metal stamping environment. Powder coated steel frames are single piece constructed for exceptional frame integrity. They are also ideal for general conveying up to 450 lbs. Sanitary series conveyors can be used in applications with more corrosive materials.


IS300 Conveyors have an indexing accuracy up to +/- 0.015″, non-slip timing pulley, and high speed capabilities, making them ideal for CNC Machine integration or any other detailed indexing. Kevlar impregnated belt and custom cleat options make this conveyor a durable solution for cutting or rigorous metalworking applications.

IS400 Conveyors support heavier loads up to 600 lbs, as well as widths up to 48” for larger parts or wider applications.