Lube-for-Life Bearings

Reduce Maintenance and Increase Bearing Life

The unique Lube-For-Life Bearing from QC Conveyors promises reduced conveyor maintenance and increased bearing life. Our new greaseless design eliminates the need to periodically lubricate the bearings and protects them from contamination with a permanently applied Micro-Poly Lubricant specially designed to meet the needs of our conveyors.

Lube-For-Life Bearings are available on QC Conveyors’ 125 conveyors. They are also available as a retrofit kit for existing conveyors (contact Customer Service for ordering information).


  • Long-term cost savings through reduced conveyor maintenance — no additional maintenance or lubrication is required during the life of the bearing
  • Extended bearing life due to reduced contamination — solid lubricant seals out dust and dirt
  • Lubrication extends to every bearing surface, even those in hard-to-reach places
  • Cleaner operation — there is no leaking grease or oil

Approved for Food Grade Use

As standard, our new MicroPoly Lubricant is approved by NSF for H1 and H2 food processing applications, where there may be incidental contact between food and the bearing. These bearings contain corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and an EP (extreme pressure) additive.

Micro-Poly is a registered trademark of PhyMet, Inc.

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