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Understanding Safety Chain

Apr 30, 2020


Safety chain is an option for our Flextrac Series modular plastic chain conveyors that increases safety for operators who may work around wider tabletop chain conveyors.

Tabletop chain is hinged at the center so it's able to navigate the turns of a modular plastic chain conveyor system. As it goes around a curve, the chain pieces get closer together on the inside edge and farther apart on the outside edge. This effect is more pronounced the wider the conveyor gets.

As gaps open and close around the turn, it creates a potential pinch hazard for operators who may be interacting with the conveyor. Safety chain adds an extra layer of safety — literally — with "fins" that ride on top of each chain link and cover the trailing gaps.

We generally recommend safety chain in any application of our ML2 (5.5" wide) or MX2 (8.7" wide) tabletop chain conveyors where workers may need to interact with or work near the conveyor.


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