Under-frame Idlers for Long Conveyors

May 18, 2009


Our longest Automation Series conveyors feature under-frame idlers to prevent belt slack from hanging below the frame. Conveyors 6" wide or less receive partial-width idlers (shown below), while wider conveyors get a full-width idler (shown above) that runs the entire width of the frame.


The length at which we begin adding idlers varies by conveyor width (see chart below). For especially long conveyors (longer than 16' for most widths), two idlers are added along the length of the frame.

Width Idler Style Length Idlers Begin
2", 3" Partial 12'
4", 5" Partial 11'
6" Partial 10'
8" Full 10'
10", 12" Full 9'
18", 21", 24" Full 8'

During belt changes, partial width idlers do not need to be removed. Full width idlers are easy to remove by loosening two screws on each side of the frame.

Idlers increase the conveyor profile from 1.95" to 2.80" at the points where they are installed, still considered a low profile design. They're simple to move If they cause interference (with stands, mounts, integrated machines, etc.), just by loosening the screws.

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