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Two Specials in One

Jun 10, 2009


Today we shipped a set of AS40-CD conveyors that contained two unique modifications from our specials engineering department: a cutout in the frame and a gang drive system. Our customer requested the cutout to allow a robot arm to pass under the conveyor; even our normal low profile wasn't enough in this case. Our specials engineering team added a set of idlers on either side of the cutout to raise the belt tight against the frame.

The gang drive allows the two conveyors to operate using a single drive, and ensures that their indexing is synchronized. The part being conveyed straddles the top of both conveyors. A shaft (under the slotted guard) transfers power from the motorized conveyor to the non-motorized one.

We welcome special applications like this, and have a team of specials engineers dedicated to finding the right solution for any application.

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