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Technical Service Tips: Maintaining Your Conveyor

Jul 12, 2006

step_81.jpg Managing conveyor life is both a comprehensive and important consideration from the day a system is conceived until the day it is retired from service. From a business perspective, maintenance is an essential activity for the achievement of optimal return on investment, as well as a key to remaining competitive in a hyper-competitive world.

Like maintenance for many other systems, the maintenance of conveyor systems divides into three broad categories: predictive, preventive, and corrective. The obvious advantage of predictive and preventive maintenance is that downtime surprises can be avoided, and when action needs to be taken, all of the parts, materials, and timing can be arranged for operational convenience.

To assure the highest performance for your conveyor system, QC Conveyors has combined a selection of high quality durable components and superior design criteria that support all aspects of conveyor operational effectiveness with the minimal amount of conveyor preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance, such as the cleaning of the conveyor, replacement of conveyor belt and bearings will be regimented by the type of environment the conveyor system is subjected to, the number of hours in operation, and the amount of performance demanded of the system.

Predictive measures, such as belt replacement schedules, periodic bearing lubrication intervals, and overall equipment inspection shall be determined by the environment the conveyor is subjected to, the number of hours in operation, and the production effects of measures taken at the corrective phase.

Maintenance, in general, affects all aspects of conveyor operational effectiveness and risks, not just system availability and cost — specifically safety, operational efficiency, energy efficiency, product quality, and environmental integrity.

For more specifics on maintaining your conveyor, see our Installation, Maintenance and Parts Manuals.

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