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Tackle Curves and Elevation Changes with New Flextrac Series Conveyors

Feb 26, 2020


We're excited to introduce our new Flextrac Series Modular Plastic Chain Conveyors. They're designed to help you save space by adapting to nearly any factory automation application.

Flextrac Series Conveyors are based on a modular design. Each conveyor is comprised of multiple pieces including curves, vertical angles and straight pieces that can be configured in infinite ways to fit your factory.

In addition to point-to-point systems, they can be configured into gripper elevators or alpine conveyors to make use of that unused vertical real estate in your plant. Gripper elevators (or wedge elevators) are parallel conveyors that grip your product between them to elevate product to a different level or over an aisle. They can also remove product from pucks. Alpine conveyors use tight bends and gentle vertical angles to elevate or lower product for accumulation or cooling/drying purposes.

The components for our Flextrac Series Conveyors are manufactured by Modu System, a Malaysian manufacturer with more than 25 years experience in modular plastic chain conveyors. The most popular sizes will be stocked at our headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, including two tabletop chain sizes and one mat-top chain size.

Conveyors can be ordered as Flextrac Series Systems, which will be designed, assembled and tested by QC Conveyors prior to shipment, or as Flextrac Series Components, which will be shipped individually and assembled by an integrator or end user.

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