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Specials: Flextrac Conveyor with Lexan Cover

Aug 31, 2009

flextrac-special.png Each of our customers has slightly different requirements for their conveyors. In most cases our standard products are versatile enough to meet all those requirements, but often there is some parameter that we're not able to meet with off-the-shelf parts. That's where our Specials Engineers step in and make sure our products meet all the specifications.

In this case, we were asked by a pharmaceutical customer to design a Lexan cover that fits over the top of the conveyor to keep dust out. This cover is hinged to allow it to flip open for cleaning. The conveyor is a Flextrac model with a stainless steel frame, washdown motor, flights and a sidewall belt. After testing several belt/siderail options, the customer chose the Flextrac belt with a sidewall because it did not scuff their pills or offer any openings that might trap them.

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