Nosebar Tail Now Available for Automation Series Conveyors

May 29, 2009

nosebar-tail.png Our Automation Series Conveyors now have a new option available: a nosebar tail. This will allow for even better transfer of small parts between conveyors or other integrated machines. As with the rest of the Automation Series, our main goal was superior performance and user-friendliness. The nosebar tail has a number of unique features that meet those goals, including:

  • Thin, 11mm outer belt diameter insures a tight transfer for even the smallest parts
  • Drop-in replacement for the Tension Release Tail idler, making it easy to add to existing conveyors while keeping the popular push-button ease-of-use of the Tension Release Tail
  • Does not require a different length belt — or even removal of the belt — when adding it to an existing standard MAE belt conveyor
  • Available for all standard conveyor widths
  • Available for both pushing and pulling applications

Check out the illustrations below to see the difference between a standard tail and a nosebar tail. As you can see, when a small part travels over the gap between two nosebar tails, it is much less likely to fall between the conveyors than with a standard tail because the gap is much narrower.

Standard Tail:


Nosebar Tail:


For more information, please contact our Sales Department or your local distributor.

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