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New Product: Backlight Conveyors

Oct 31, 2018

Backlight-Conveyors-Header.jpg We're excited to announce that QC Conveyors now offers a backlight conveyor option that's perfect for providing contrast for vision systems in part inspection and robot orientation applications.

A few months ago, we introduced you to a solution at Byrne Electrical that used backlight conveyors to identify properly formed parts and orient the robot to pick them properly. At the time, backlight conveyors were available as a custom solution; they're now available as a standard part of our offering, using the same industry-leading lights from Spectrum Illumination.

The lights feature a custom housing that's specifically designed to fit the low-profile form factor of our conveyors. The white plastic allows light to reach almost to the edges of the conveyor.

Contact your local distributor today to find a solution for your conveyor application!

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