Multi-Piece Frames for Wide Conveyors

May 08, 2009


The frames for our 2”–12” wide Automation Series conveyors are extruded from a single piece of aluminum, but for wider widths (18”, 21”, 24”) this wasn’t possible, so we designed a three-piece frame construction. This move was aimed at keeping costs low while ensuring the frame is strong, has only a few parts and remains straight, since straightness and strength are key components to keeping a conveyor properly tracked. These wider conveyor frames feature a steel slider bed between two extruded aluminum sides (shown below).


The steel slider bed is mounted to the aluminum frame with a series of fasteners that run the entire length of the frame. They are alternately mounted from the inside and bottom. This arrangement gives the frame exceptional rigidity and allows it to resist twisting just like the rest of the Automation Series.


Although heavier than the rest of the Automation Series, these conveyors include all the other features of our Automation Series conveyors, such as the Tension Release Tail, the Pivot™ Rotatable Drive Package and the 35mm sealed ball bearings. As you can see, these conveyors are also compatible with optional V-guide belting.

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