Lube-for-Life Bearings Now Standard

Jan 02, 2007

l4l.jpg Our new Lube-for-Life Bearings are now standard equipment for all our conveyors. These bearings are a direct replacement for our previous bearings.

The unique Lube-For-Life Bearings promise reduced conveyor maintenance and increased bearing life. Their greaseless design makes the conveyor maintenance-free, eliminating the need to periodically lubricate the bearings and protects them from contamination with a permanently applied Micro-Poly Lubricant specially designed to meet the needs of our conveyors. The risk of product contamination by bearing grease has been completely eliminated.

Since they are a direct replacement, these bearings are also available to retrofit existing conveyors.

These bearings have been extremely popular since we introduced them as an option in September. One of our customers had problems with corn meal entering our old bearings and causing them to fail repeatedly. Since replacing those bearings with our new Lube-for-Life bearings they haven't had a single bearing failure.

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