Introducing IS175-ID Conveyors

Jan 04, 2007

innerdrive-logo.jpg Our new InnerDrive Conveyors are now available for order. These unique conveyors save space by putting a safe and efficient 24vdc drive motor inside the conveyor, all while maintaining our signature low profile frame height. They can reach speeds up to 60 FPM and loads up to 100 lbs. Each conveyor includes a variable speed control card that easily integrates with automation systems for “run on demand” applications, using inhibit/run controls from devices such as timers and photo-eyes. The card can be mounted either to the conveyor frame or in a QC Industries-supplied NEMA-12 control box.

We are excited to offer these conveyors as standard product. For more information and specifications, please visit our website. Contact our sales department at (513) 753-6000 or your local distributor or representative for additional information.

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