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Custom Accumulation Table for Bottles

Feb 14, 2019

accumulation-table-800.png Our custom engineering team recently partnered with two of our sister companies, Arpac and Ohlson Packaging, to create a packaging line for cannabis bottles.

Our portion of the project involved designing three custom accumulation tables, each using five of our AS40 Conveyors. In each table, three conveyors run one direction while two run the opposite direction. All the conveyors running in a given direction are gang-driven with a single motor by utilizing our dual output shaft option and joining the shafts with a coupler.

Bottles are loaded onto the tables by hand. Each holds about 150 bottles, giving the operator time to load the next two tables in sequence. Once the bottles have run back and forth through the series of conveyors, they are fed onto another conveyor that takes them through the filling and packaging line.

The bottles are filled to the proper weight (accurate to 1/100 gram) by an Ohlson Packaging multihead combination weigher then passed to Arpac's machinery for end-of-line packaging. Utilizing the expertise of multiple operating companies across material handling, packaging and processing, Duravant is providing the complete solution for this application.

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