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Be on the lookout for some familiar conveyors in The Amazing Spider-Man

Jul 02, 2012

qc-industries-spider-man-vial-transfer-540x304.png With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man this week, our conveyors are taking on a new role: movie stars. We were chosen to provide low profile conveyors for several of the lab scenes in the movie.

When you see the movie (it comes out tomorrow, July 3), keep your eyes peeled for our AS40 Automation Series Conveyors. They're used to move vials inside the spider nursery that are then transferred using robots built by FANUC Robotics.

Rather than building his own futuristic, high-tech conveyors, art director Page Buckner said he decided to use QC Conveyors' aluminum extruded AS40 conveyors because they helped "ground viewers to reality" by showing something that looks "familiar and real" while still providing the high-tech look the scenes required.

We turned to our long-time partners Habasit America and Oriental Motor to provide the belts and motors, respectively, that appeared on the conveyors in the film. We'd like to thank them for working so quickly to meet the timelines required by the film crew!

You can see these photos and more in the Amazing Spider-Man album on our Facebook page.

Stay tuned to the blog for a few more tidbits from the filming that we'll be releasing over the next few days, including something very cool that we've been keeping under wraps (literally!) for almost two years now! UPDATE: You can check out our very special conveyor here.

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