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5 Places to Find QC Conveyors in Action at Pack Expo 2017

Sep 26, 2017

DSC_4341.jpg At Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017, you'll find our conveyors in our booth (C-2518), of course, but did you know we have partners all over the show floor who are using our conveyors as part of their booths as well?

Here are five places you'll be able to see them:

1. Foxjet: Booth C-4314

Foxjet uses several of our IS175-ID conveyors to demonstrate their marking applications. Each works to move a box or package past a different Foxjet printer.

2. Omron: Booth C-4305

You'll find a pair of QC Industries AS40 Conveyors moving product for two of Omron's robots as they perform high speed pick and place operations.

3. Automated Packaging Systems: Booth C-1823

Automated Packaging uses QC Conveyors in two of their displays. One features cleated IS125 Conveyor that indexes and feed chapstick into their Maximizer bagging system. In another, an AS40 Conveyor serves as the takeaway conveyor for their large package bagging system.

4. Right Stuff Equipment: Booth S-7570

In Right Stuff Equipment's booth, an AS40 Conveyor accepts the empty cardboard cases as they come out of a case erector. The cases accumulate behind an end stop and as a case is lifted from the end, a signal is sent to the erector to create another case.

5. Packsize: Booth S-6532

As the Packsize X4 creates each of its on demand packages, an AS40-Z stands by to remove scrap and deposit it in a bin for disposal.

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