Company History | QC Industries
QC Industries Headquarters

1981: Founded

QC Industries was founded by Norm Volkerding, who was an industrial equipment salesman serving the metal stamping industry. One of the products Norm represented at that time was a low profile conveyor for part and scrap removal from under metal stamping punch presses. Norm understood the challenges of the rugged environment those conveyors had to perform in and listened to his customers when they explained some of the issues that would arise in their demanding applications. One day Norm decided that he would set out to design a top-of-the-line conveyor platform that would better meet his customers’ demands of operating in extremely harsh environments.

1981: Industrial Series Launched

Norm prototyped countless conveyor models working long nights in the basement of his home striving for a truly high quality conveyor that offered many features and benefits other conveyor manufacturers of the time did not offer. The result was the first design of what is known today as QC Industries’ Industrial Series Conveyor. As soon as this new conveyor was premiered to his customers, it was a hit and a company that Norm named QC Industries was born.

2000: David Dornbach Purchases Company

David Dornbach joined QC Industries in 1985 as the company’s first official employee after completing his active duty service in the United States Army. He was in college at the University of Cincinnati at the time, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. David decided to continue employment with QC Industries after graduating college and became a driving force in the company’s growth. He held a variety of positions at the company overseeing all aspects of the growing entity through the years.

In 1997, David, who was the General Manager of the company, acquired 25% ownership and became Vice President. During this period, David worked on strengthening the company’s infrastructure while developing a better long term vision for the company. In April of 2000, David purchased the remaining 75% of the company upon Norm’s retirement at the age of 74.

Under David’s leadership the company grew tremendously over the years and expanded the Industrial Series product offering to include wider & longer versions, new belting options for targeted applications, faster speeds, new configuration offerings as well as countless product design enhancements. QC Industries' products became known for being the best designed and most reliable products offered in their class.

2009: Automation Series Launched

After years of R&D investment, QC Industries launched its Automation Series conveyors targeting assembly and packaging operations. The product line was quickly recognized by customers in these new industries as best in class with cutting edge designs, features and benefits. The product introduced several key innovations, such as the Tension Release™ Tail and Pivot™ Drive to the low profile conveyor industry. Again, QC Industries products became known for being the best designed and most reliable products offered for automation applications.

2015: Sanitary Series Launched

Continuing with an organic product development strategy, QC Industries launched its Sanitary Series with their HydroClean conveyor targeting the sanitary and wash down requirements of the food and pharmaceutical markets. These conveyors offered a high tech design loaded with ingenious features and benefits setting QC Industries apart from competitors in this space. The Sanitary Series offers a unique series of pull-pins, that allow conveyors to be fully disassembled for cleaning without the use of tools and is the only low profile belt conveyor that is NSF certified.