Lost or Damaged Goods Policy

Shipments should be inspected immediately upon receipt for lost or damaged goods. Any loss or damage should be noted on the carriers receipt (or bill of lading) at the time of acceptance. If items are perceived to be lost or damaged after the shipment has been accepted, it becomes more difficult to file a claim with the carrier if the receipt does not indicate such loss or damage.

Do not, at any time, request the carrier to return any items or shipment to QC Industries without previous authorization from our company for such a return. Please notify QC Industries as soon as any loss or damage is discovered and request the department that handles the lost or damaged goods. You will need to know a complete description of all lost or damaged items.

If replacement items are needed, a purchase order made out to QC Industries will need to be supplied. QC Industries will then contact the carrier’s local agent and request that an inspection of the items be performed. This is absolutely necessary. Unless an inspection is performed, the carrier will not entertain any claim for loss or damage.

After the inspection has been completed, the carrier will notify QC Industries. If the carrier takes responsibility for the claim, a credit will be issued to you for the replacement item(s), including freight charges from QC Industries, where applicable. If the carrier does not take responsibility for the claim, a representative of QC Industries will contact you.