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QC Industries Conveyors Moving Dry Ice

Mar 24, 2008

dry-ice.jpg The 125 Series belt conveyors shown here under a CO2 Air, Inc. dry ice press use a -45°F silicone release belt specified by Southern Industrial Equipment (SIE). CO2 Air, Inc. is a leading dry ice and liquid CO2 manufacturer shipping equipment worldwide. Chris Kupronis, an Application Engineer with SIE, said the extremely cold temperatures led to some challenges that had to be worked through. For instance they had to place heat tape on the holes so any condensation would not flash freeze on the conveyor. The silicone belt is also critical with the temperature as low as it is.

CO2 Air Inc. offers a new RF-1800HD press which is capable of making 1800 pounds per hour of one pound 5” x 5” x 3/4” ice blocks (the standard size piece). The press is designed to make up to 6 pieces per stroke. They were kind enough to mention that the QC Industries conveyors have been working very nicely where our competitors had failed.

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