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Mini Conveyor 125 Series

[125 Series Mini Conveyor with white MAA belt. Shown from drive end.]

Versatile. Reliable. Low Profile.

QC Industries' 125 Series Mini Conveyors feature a very low profile (1.89"), allowing these unique conveyors to be used in tight quarters where conventional conveyors will not fit.

Belt widths range from as narrow as 2" up to 24" and lengths range from as short as 18" up to 12 feet. These conveyors can move loads up to 450 lbs.

These features make 125 Series mini conveyors ideal for use in manufacturing plants as well as distribution centers, packaging lines, metal stamping and precision manufacturing environments, and more.

Our mini conveyors are also available in cleated, magnetic and stainless steel varieties.

Other Mini Conveyors available from QC Industries:

125Z Series Conveyors

These conveyors feature the same 1.89" profile of our popular 125 Series, but allow product elevation with a unique angled frame system.

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250 Series Conveyors

These unique conveyors feature a drive that sits below the belt, leaving the ends free to fit into almost any space. This design allows load carrying capacities up to 630 lbs.

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