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Packaging Conveyors

AS40Z Conveyor, Packaging Conveyors

Packaging is an industry of stopping, starting, precision and integration. Our Automation Series packing conveyors are capable of high speeds, rapid accessory mounting, and tight transfers. Industrial Series conveyors are well suited for heavier parts, reversing, and indexing. Sanitary Series conveyors are ideal for food packaging applications. Motors are available to support continuous speed or stop/start applications.

  • AS40 Conveyors are low profile, single piece aluminum frame conveyors capable of speeds up to 400 FPM. The tee slot on the side of the frame allows for rapid, stress-free accessory mounting and changing. The Pivot Drive enables the user to rotate the drive to any position to accommodate changing products and environments. Use of cleats with sidewalls, side rails or guides create pockets to contain product and small parts. The AS40 is also capable of integrating easily with automated packaging systems.
  • AS40Z Conveyors Conveyors are available in R, L and Z configurations for elevating or lowering products. Cleats in combination with guides or sidewalls can be used to transport products or small parts.
  • 300 Conveyors are non-slip timing belt conveyors capable of high speeds, removable custom molded cleats and precision indexing accurate up to +/- 0.015”.
  • HydroClean Conveyors are ideal for food packaging environments. They feature an easy-to-clean design based on a stainless steel frame.

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