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Small Belt Conveyors & Conveyor Systems

[125 Series Belt Conveyor with white MAA belt and 1" adjustable guides. Shown at tail end carrying two yellow boxes.]

QC Industries offers small belt, modular conveyors for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our belt conveyors are known for their reliability and versatility. Commonly used to transport goods & materials, our conveyors are commonly used in pharmaceutical/medical, assembly, food processing, automotive, handling and automation industies. With their low profile design, these automated conveyors can fit almost anywhere, making them an ideal choice for standardizing entire facilities.

QC Industries manufactures and assembles a variety of conveyor systems for all industries. Our custom conveyor systems are unique to our clients' applications to help move the product across the facility. A conveyor system by QC Industries can consist of a cleated conveyor to move the product from one system to another, an indexing conveyor and an innerdrive conveyor to elevate products, as well as overhead conveyors for storage. The options are endless! With the right conveying systems, our clients can save hours moving and transporting products and materials.

Conveyor Options Available Below

Automation Series

Aluminum Frame Conveyors

AS40 End Drive Conveyor

end drive conveyor

The AS40 conveyors are ideal for most any application, and have the widest variety of drive packages.

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AS65 Center Drive Conveyor

center drive conveyor

The drive on our AS65 conveyors can be placed at any point on the conveyor's frame, and are ideal when integrating ends with other machinery.

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AS40Z Angled Frame Conveyor

angled frame conveyor

Our angled AS40Z conveyors come in three basic configurations for elevating and lowering product.

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Industrial Series

Steel Frame Conveyors

125 Series Belt Conveyors

small belt conveyor

125 Series conveyors are our standard low-profile belt conveyor, with options to fit almost any application.

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InnerDrive Conveyors

inner drive, motorized conveyor

InnerDrive conveyors save space by moving the motor inside the conveyor.

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Flextrac Plastic Chain Conveyors

plastic belt conveyor

Longer. Faster. Stronger. Flextrac Conveyors have more than 100 belt styles available to fit any application.

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300 Series Indexing Conveyors

indexing conveyor

300 Series conveyors are made for precision indexing to ±.15", and can be fixed with custom molded cleats.

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400 Series Heavy Duty Conveyors

heavy duty conveyors

400 Series conveyors are the longest, widest and strongest of our conveyors.

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Sanitary Series

Stainless Steel Frame Conveyors

HydroClean Conveyor

sanitary conveyors

Designed for clean and efficient handling in all types of sanitary applications.

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Special Orders

Custom Conveyors

custom conveyor system

If you're looking for something a little different than our standard conveyors, just contact us and we'll customize it for you.

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