Under Pressure: The Unique Guiding System of CB80 Conveyors

Tension in curved belt conveyors is managed a little differently than in straight conveyors. Rather than simply extending the length of the conveyor, tension must be added around the curved edge of the belt. CB80 conveyors from our sister company Motion06 offer a unique method of tensioning the edge of the belt that makes them both more reliable and easier to maintain than competing conveyors.

For tensioning, rollers installed inside the conveyor frame engage a bead on the outer edge of the belt. Motion06 uses beading that’s split longitudinally and encapsulates the edge of the belt. It is bonded then sewn into place. This puts the pressure of the rollers on the wide head of the beading, squeezing the edges of the belt in the process.

Competing conveyors reverse this, with sewn-on beading extending from the edge of the conveyor. Even when adjusted properly (which is difficult to accomplish), this puts a lot of pressure on the narrow neck of the beading and becomes a common source of breakage.

In addition to the improved beading, Motion06’s design features guide rollers than can be flipped out of the way to facilitate belt changes. Once the belt is replaced, they flip back in to place. With this design there’s no need to remove each roller individually, store them during the belt replacement, then replace them one-by-one.

CB80 Curved Belt Conveyors are available as part of QC Conveyors’ Automation Series. A selection of sizes and angles are in stock for quick shipping.