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Automation Series Conveyors

The Ultimate User Friendly Conveyor

Automation Series

Single piece aluminum frame conveyors which feature a tension release tail, high speeds, low profile and a multi-piece frame option for conveyors over 12" wide. Automation Series conveyors are available in end drive, movable center drive and angled frame options.

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HydroClean Series Conveyors

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HydroClean Series

Stainless steel frame conveyors designed for tool-less disassembly and easy, in-place cleaning. Available with NSF and BISSC Certifications; all models are built to NSF standards to minimize bacterial growth to accommodate clean rooms, food packaging, pharmaceuticals and washdown environments.

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Flextrac Series Conveyors

Modular Plastic Chain

Flextrac Series

Modular Plastic Chain conveyors to fit the curves and elevation changes of your plant with modular components that are easy to configure and integrate.

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Industrial Series Conveyors

Versatile and Reliable

Industrial Series

Powder Coated Steel frame conveyors designed for a wide range of applications. Industrial Series conveyors are available as flat belt, plastic chain, embedded drive, heavy weights, and indexing options.

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Meet Our 7 Quick Ship Belt Materials

Sep 04, 2020

In order to ship conveyors in five days under our Quick Ship program, we stock seven different materials that can be quickly made to length to match the conveyor ordered. Since they cover a wide variety of potential applications and ensure a quick delivery, these seven materials represent approximately 95% of conveyor orders.

The seven belt materials include everything from multi-purpose belting to high and low friction varieties. Meet all seven below.

maa.jpeg MAA

This off-white belt material has been our most popular for more than 30 years. It offers a low coefficient of friction that makes it a good candidate for many accumulation applications at a budget-friendly price point. We’re able to add cleats to this material in-house to meet customer specifications.


mae.jpeg MAE

This bright white belt material is the standard for our Automation Series conveyors. It offers a slightly higher coefficient of friction compared to the MAA belt material, making it a good option for tackling light inclines. Cleats may also be added to this material.


aaa.jpeg AAC

This light gray fabric belt material offers a very low coefficient of friction that makes it ideal for accumulation applications (where the belt continues moving beneath stopped product). It’s also good for side-to-side transfers as it allows product to slide smoothly onto the conveyor.


faa.jpeg FAA

A gray “snakeskin” belt material that offers a high coefficient of friction that allows it to tackle inclines and declines while maintaining control of the product. It’s capable of moving hot parts up to 212°.


faf.jpeg FAF

This green rough-top belt material is one of our most popular. The deep ridge pattern offers a high coefficient of friction that gives it the ability to tackle the steepest inclines.


iaf.jpeg IAC/IAF

These two belt materials are incredibly similar. Both offer a high level of cut resistance that makes them ideal for parts with sharp edges. IAC is a urethane material, while IAF is PVC. We stock both versions because they offer resistance to different chemicals, especially cutting fluids. IAC is also capable of handling hot parts up to 248°.

You can learn more about these belt materials — and all our other belt materials — using our interactive belt explorer. Our Applications Engineering team can help determine the right belt for your application.

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