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CB80: Curve Belt Conveyors

CB80 Curved Belt Conveyor


Maintain Product Orientation

CB80 conveyors guide product around a turn, maintaining the same orientation at both infeed and outfeed. They are engineered to transition product seamlessly with our AS40 family of conveyors.

Curve Technology by Motion06

Motion06 is a worldwide leader in complete belt conveyor solutions, excelling especially in belted curves. Both Motion06 and QC Conveyors are members of the Duravant Material Handling group.

Unique Belt Guide Design

Improves Durability Over Traditional Designs

Motion06's unique belt guide design encapsulates the belt between layers of the guide material, eliminating a common wear point in traditional designs.

Easy to Maintain

The conveyor’s conical pulley and drive system are maintenance-free. A low-noise design based on an aluminum
frame allows them to operate in any environment. Guide rollers flip out of the way while staying attached to allow the belt to be changed in less than 20 minutes.

Product Description

The preferred solution for maintaining product orientation when a turn is required 



15.7" – 31.5"

Up to 77 lbs.

Up to 250 FPM (at centerline)

30º, 45º, 60º, 90º, 180º



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