AS40Z Accessories

Aluminum Frame Joint Stands

Part # SAA-0182-AD-HH-HH-WW-F 
Frame Joint aluminum stands are designed to support conveyors with a multi-piece frame. Brackets attach directly to the t-slot and mount to the stand base, and an internal adjustment mechanism provides positive engagement at all times, making adjustments safe and simple.

Aluminum Frame Joint Stands
Stands Under 72 Inches Tall
Stands Over 72 Inches Tall

Compatible Products

  • AS40


    The AS40 conveyors are ideal for most any application, and have the widest variety of drive packages.

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  • AS40-CD


    The drive on our AS40-CD conveyors can be placed at any point on the conveyor's frame, and are ideal when integrating ends with other machinery.

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  • AS40Z


    Our angled AS40-Z conveyors come in three basic configurations for elevating and lowering product.

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